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Deaconess Ministry

A deaconess, “diakonia” (Greek term meaning servant) is a saved, sanctified woman called by God, sanctioned by the Holy Spirit, and appointed by the Pastor and the church body to minister to the body of Christ in Christian love.

The Metropolitan Baptist Church Deaconess Ministry is responsible for supporting the vision of the Pastor in the edification and the glorification of God's kingdom and his people. Our goal is to be co-laborers with the Pastor and Deacons in fulfilling the mission and vision of the Church.


Our Mission 

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The mission of the Metropolitan Baptist Church Deaconess Ministry is to provide support, assistance and continuing care to the members of the congregation and community; care for the sick, elderly and bereaved; to serve the congregation as needed, and support the vision of our Pastor while edifying the Kingdom of God.

Our Vision

The vision of the Metropolitan Baptist Church Deaconess Ministry is to seek ways to embrace and promote spiritual values and support our church, families, and community.  Our charge as Deaconess is to continue to support and promote the vision of the church through Christian services and in the performance of spiritual matters of the church.


The goals of the Metropolitan Baptist Church Deaconess Ministry:

  • to encourage and promote a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ throughout the congregation;

  • to be steadfast in learning, teaching, and proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ as well as being a living example of obedience to His Word; 

  • to be a humble, self-sacrificing vessel for God and the body of Christ;

  • to be encouragers for new members coming into the body of Christ through Christian love, biblical guidance, and constant prayer;

  • to show compassion and aid to those who are sick, shut-in, bereaved and elderly and to be available for anyone needing spiritual counseling by the Word of God;

  • to become dedicated caregivers by visiting and contacting the sick, shut in, bereaved and elderly;

  • to serve church family (i.e. communion, baptism, bible study, etc.) ;

  • to help the underprivileged and needy in congregation and community;

  • to act as role models and mentors for our youth, other women and men to exemplify only Jesus Christ in all that we do;

  • to coordinate and prepare Communion and Baptism ;

Deaconess Ministry Updates

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