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Join our group of young people in this month's "1st &10 Prayer Challenge."

 "This year, our youth are on assignment to encourage their generation to take the lead by speaking, walking, acting and yielding to the word of God. "SWAY"   SWAY must first begin with a commitment to pray. 

It's very simple just take the first 10 minutes of your day to:

Read a scripture (start with any scriptures from the book of Psalms  - 2 min)

Prayer of thanksgiving (for the day, what you read, etc) (2 mins)

Prayer of forgiveness (1 mins)

Share with God your concerns; be transparent (2 mins)

Be Quiet (listen for His voice) (2 mins)

Thank Him...again (1 min)

Feel free to use moderate worship music to help you enter in his presence.  We suggest something from Maverick City Music, or Travis Greene, etc.

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