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The Los Angeles County Commission for Women's Resilience Scholarship Program


The Commission for Women voted at their meeting on October 5, 2015 to change the name of "The Girls at Risk Educational Scholarship Program" to "The Los Angeles County Commission for Women (LACCW) Resilience Scholarship Program."

The scholarship program was created in 1999. This is when the Commission for Women hosted an annual Run/Walk event to raise funds for young women. The Commission has taken proceeds from this and other annual events in order to provide over 300 young women supplemental educational scholarships.

The Commission, as throughout Los Angeles County was hit with economic challenges in 2011. The Commission was not been able to host Run/Walk event since 2011. Knowing this could risk the further assistance to young women, the Commission utilized its Women of the Year event, to still raise funds for the LACCW Resilience Scholarship Program.

These girls and their special and varied circumstances are given the option to use their funds not solely for tuition; but for such fundamental things as books, medical insurance, school supplies, child care and clothing.

The goal of the Commission is to have equal representation from each Supervisorial District. Therefore, first-time candidates must reside in Los Angeles County.

Application for the 2022 Educational Scholarship is now available. Applications MUST be received by email at no later than April 1, 2022.

We congratulate our past and future Educational Scholarship awardees and wish them all the best in their education endeavors and future careers.

For additional information contact us at (213) 974-1455 or email the Commission at Commissioner Kennedy L.A. County Commission for Women

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